BLVD is the direct line between players and fans. BLVD directly supports USC athletes in their Name, Image, and Likeness endeavors - all net profits benefit student-athletes.

BLVD is an NIL partner of USC Athletics. We combine the power of the Trojan Family and the Los Angeles media market to provide unprecedented access to NIL opportunities and resources in the new era of collegiate athletics.

Your Impact

Create opportunities to compensate USC student-athletes for their NIL while providing resources in representation, tax, legal, accounting, financial literacy, and brand development.

Our membership program allows the Trojan Family to engage with and contribute directly to student-athletes in exchange for NIL-related services.

The Trojan business community and city of Los Angeles is an unmatched NIL advantage in the collegiate athletics landscape. BLVD also facilitates all traditional third-party sponsorships for its student-athletes.

For more information, visit blvd.staydoubted.com or contact us blvd@staydoubted.com

About Name, Image, and Likeness

Beginning July 1, 2021, college athletes were permitted to engage in Name, Image, Likeness activities and use a professional services provider to represent them in those activities. This monumental shift allowed compensation for traditional endorsement opportunities, event appearances, social media promotion, memorabilia signing, and more.

Where did the term ‘collective’ come from?

In order to support players at the highest level, the third-party ‘collective model has become the new standard in College Football to pool money and facilitate NIL opportunities for their university’s student-athletes. Collectives allow for membership fees to directly impact the lives of current student-athletes.

How is BLVD and the ‘collective’ model effective in recruiting?

BLVD understands and complies with all rules regarding recruiting current and prospective student-athletes. With one centralized entity for NIL, BLVD develops confidence and continuity with all associated parties. This allows USC coaching staff to understand the NIL success of its current roster and communicate that success.